White magic and the religion of Wicca forbids restricting another’s free will. The belief is enshrined in the Wiccan Rede, which states that “An ye shall harm none.” Most simply, this means that you are free to do what you will, so long as your actions harm no one and nothing. These binding spells are very common with love spells in New York.

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Because of the Law of Threefold Return, any energy that you send out that prevents another person from pursuing their life in the way that they choose, will cause them unanticipated or unforeseen negative consequences. Those consequences will then be returned threefold!

White witches and Wiccans take this law very seriously, and most forbid the use of binding spells at all. Unless of course, you have received permission from the recipient of your magic making! If there is consent on all sides, then the path is clear for you to proceed!

Witchcraft in and of itself does not make judgments about which spells are morally correct or not. That is for each individual witch to decide. Every experienced witch understands the potential for unanticipated consequences, and so long as the spell caster is willing to take responsibility for the outcome, there are no rules.

In particular, folk magic such as voodoo, gypsy magic, and other branches, does not frown upon the use of binding practices. In fact, they are considered to be a very important tool in the tool belt! Many forms of low magic incorporate the use of talismans, amulets or poppets. These are all physical representations of another individual or situation. The rituals and spells that are cast upon these simulacra subsequently manifest in the astral plane, and then take shape in the physical world. Distance is not an issue, and binding spells are very common low magic spells.