The powerful words inside this tome will allow you to effect great change through potions, love spells, charms, magic rituals, and incantations. Use them to keep yourself safe, counteract evil, heal disease, find true love, charm animals, obtain great fortune, call upon a storm, speak to the dead, and much more, all through the power of witchcraft and magic.

Time-honored knowledge about the powerful forces that guide our planet comes from all corners of it, so this grimoire combines guidance from many different cultures and religions. Not only does this facilitate you going beyond the realms of traditional American (or even European) witchery, it allows you to consult the spellbooks of the cultures best equipped to administer magic in that area. For instance, while any practitioner of witchcraft would agree that there’s no better revenge spell than one from an Italian witches’ coven, spells about nature and animals are better handled by a soothing Native African shaman’s chant.

And while just about every culture has a spell or potion to cure a cough, if you’re trying to cure drunkenness, it’s best to consult the ancient African mystics before any others (they recommend procuring an egg from an owl or stork for the drinker’s cup).